Mold Prevention Tips

Mold is everywhere. The spores are continually floating outside and inside of your house. It is impossible to completely eliminate mold spores from entering your home, but you CAN prevent hazardous and costly mold colonization. Prevent mold's ideal colonizing environment, and protect your family or your business. Follow these tips and destroy molds home, before [...]

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Is It Mold?

Is it mold? There is something dark growing in my shower… my drywall is discolored in the kitchen… there is a funny smell in my laundry room and I don’t think it’s my husband’s work clothes… IS IT MOLD?? If you live in central Florida (anywhere in Florida, really) or any humid region, the answer [...]

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How Do You Get Mold In Your House?

Are you wondering how you get mold in your house? Ever heard of the “circle of life”? Even mold plays its part by breaking down organic matter such as dead trees and fallen leaves (bet you didn’t see THAT on the Lion King!). However, just like spiders, mold is better off doing its job OUTSIDE [...]

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Toxic Black Mold – Everything You Need to Know

Toxic black mold, also known as Stachybotrys chartarum, is one of the most infamous and dangerous molds that can grow in a home. It’s a blackened green shade, typically slimy, but it can appear dry or powdery, too. Many other molds look similar to toxic black mold. The only definitive way to identify Stachybotrys chartarum [...]

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Toxic Black Mold Removal In Orlando- Before and After

Toxic Black Mold Removal in an Orlando Bathroom The average Orlando resident will likely have a run in with toxic black mold at one point or another. Toxic black mold thrives in warm, moist conditions and can grow in many indoor environments. You can find toxic black mold where there is a hidden water leak, [...]

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