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What Do I Do After A House Or Business Fire?

What do I do after a house or business fire? Safety first! Do not enter a damaged home or business unless the Fire Department says it is safe to go inside. Fires can start again even if they appear to be out (this is why the firemen may have cut holes in your walls—to check [...]

What Do I Do After A House Or Business Fire?2018-06-25T08:54:27-05:00

Mold Prevention Tips

Mold is everywhere. The spores are continually floating outside and inside of your house. It is impossible to completely eliminate mold spores from entering your home, but you CAN prevent hazardous and costly mold colonization. Prevent mold's ideal colonizing environment, and protect your family or your business. Follow these tips and destroy molds home, before [...]

Mold Prevention Tips2018-06-25T08:54:28-05:00

How much does water damage cost in Florida?

You've been working all day, nothing has gone right, and now you've come home to a flood. Forget the new rug your mother in law just gave you (you hated that rug anyways), ignore the family pictures (hopefully you have a digital copy backed up online), don't even LOOK at the gold fish that have [...]

How much does water damage cost in Florida?2018-06-25T08:54:28-05:00

Homeowners Insurance and Water Damage

There are generally two types of insurance that will or will not cover you in the event of water damage/flood. Homeowners Insurance and Water Damage  Although not mandatory, very few mortgage companies will finance a home owner without Home Owners Insurance in place.  This is the most common type of insurance in place and the [...]

Homeowners Insurance and Water Damage2018-06-25T08:54:28-05:00

Is It Mold?

Is it mold? There is something dark growing in my shower… my drywall is discolored in the kitchen… there is a funny smell in my laundry room and I don’t think it’s my husband’s work clothes… IS IT MOLD?? If you live in central Florida (anywhere in Florida, really) or any humid region, the answer [...]

Is It Mold?2015-08-03T17:52:02-05:00

How Do You Get Mold In Your House?

Are you wondering how you get mold in your house? Ever heard of the “circle of life”? Even mold plays its part by breaking down organic matter such as dead trees and fallen leaves (bet you didn’t see THAT on the Lion King!). However, just like spiders, mold is better off doing its job OUTSIDE [...]

How Do You Get Mold In Your House?2018-06-25T08:54:28-05:00

Can Travertine be cleaned after a flood?

The answer is yes, travertine can be cleaned after a flood. Kind of.  The real question is "after you clean it, will it stay clean?". Unlike tile, travertine (although beautiful) is a terrible flooring due to it's porous and delicate nature.  Its porous nature causes trouble in a flood because the travertine soaks up and [...]

Can Travertine be cleaned after a flood?2018-06-25T08:54:28-05:00

Recovery From A Flood: Important Precautions and Cleanup

When trying to recover from a flood, there are several important precautions that you need to take when attempting cleanup. Hurricanes and flooding are not strangers to the Central Florida native. All over Florida we are prepared and preparing for the after effects of Mother Nature. However, no matter where you live, the important steps [...]

Recovery From A Flood: Important Precautions and Cleanup2018-06-25T08:54:28-05:00